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Stramowski Heating Inc. provides air duct cleaning to contribute to cleaner air in your home.

Our residential services company is a local trusted Milwaukee service area HVAC professional, also offering other indoor air quality products & services.


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Why Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

Although the most important step for maintaining good indoor air quality is changing your air filters regularly, here are some reasons why you'd consider cleaning your air ducts:

  • Presence and Buildup of Visible Contaminants: If you see dust, mold, or other debris accumulating in your vents or air registers, cleaning your ducts could improve air quality and reduce potential health risks, especially for people with allergies or asthma.
  • Pest or Rodent Infestation: If you suspect spiders, bugs & insects, pests or rodents have lived in your ductwork, cleaning removes fecal droppings, dead mice and debris, and prevent further infestations. It sounds gross, but it happens all the time.
  • Renovations or Construction: If you've recently had renovations or construction work done in your home, dust and debris might have entered your ducts and needs to be removed.
  • Frequent Respiratory Problems: If you or your family members experience frequent allergies, asthma attacks, or respiratory issues, especially coinciding with allergy seasons, duct cleaning might help if other potential allergens have been ruled out. Also check out our other great indoor air quality products.

Prevention is key: Regularly maintaining your HVAC system, changing air filters, and addressing potential sources of contaminants inside your home are the most effective and cost-efficient strategies for long-term good indoor air quality. Be sure to use high-quality filters, and change them monthly during allergy seasons and quarterly otherwise.

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  • When the service technician arrives, he will turn off your HVAC system (whatever is attached to the ductwork) to prevent air circulation during the cleaning process.
  • The technician will then take a picture of an air duct. This is the "Before" picture.
  • After he is finished cleaning your ducts, he will take a picture of the same air duct. This is the "After" picture.

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Indoor Air Quality

Other products & services we offer for cleaner air:

  • Air Purifiers (UV & Ionic): In addition to filtering out airborne particles like dust, allergens, pet dander, smoke, and mold spores...
    • State-of-the-art UV light purifiers also eliminate bacteria & virus cells
    • Ionic purifiers (ionizers) eliminate chemical pollutants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odorous gases
    • Air scrubbers, which combine UV & ionic technology with filters, eliminate the broadest spectrum of air & surface contaminants

  • Air Filters: Maintaining clean air filters in your HVAC and IAQ systems improves both your equipment's efficiency and your home's air quality.

  • Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers: Breathe easier and live more comfortably with perfect home humidity.