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Stramowski Heating & Cooling offers money-saving deals, special promotions, and coupons for our HVAC customers.
Learn about our current savings and deals on products & services like furnaces, air conditioners, tune-ups and maintenance.
Also be sure to see what's available from our energy partners, including available rebates or credits, in addition to our promotions.

Savings Coupons, Deals & Promotions

Looking to save on the purchase of a new furnace, air conditioner, boiler, or high-efficiency home heat pump / inverter system? We share and pass on savings to our customers when we're able to.

We're always looking for seasonal energy-saving tips and incentives offered through manufacturer discounts & wholesale purchasing discounts on equipment, supplies or commonly used parts. When and if these deals become available, we post offers to our customers so they can benefit and save from our discounts. These money-saving deals are in addition to the government energy saving incentives that are sometimes made available to everyone.

Additional Ways to Save

On top of the special deals offered by Stramowski Heating, you can save money through energy incentives offered through federal tax credits, state agencies, and energy saving equipment . Ask us what's available and for more tips on how to implement money saving promotions.

Money Saving Deals & Coupons

State & Local Energy Rebates
These are extra savings on top of our special offers listed below. Be sure to ask us what's available for your new heating or cooling system purchases.
Government Tax Credits & Home Energy Efficient Discounts
Recent changes to energy regulations often include incentives to upgrade home heating systems to the newest standards. Ask us to learn about what is being offered.
High Efficiency Equipment to Reduce Energy Consumption
Not only can you save initially by purchasing an energy-efficient system, you can save in the long term on energy usage by installing an Energy Star highly efficient system.
Upgrading Temperature Controls & Thermostats
Using the most modern technology can help you save with automation and by using the energy only when you need or want it.
Affordable Financing Options
We offer loans on new system installations with flexible terms including zero-interest / deferred payment to accommodate your needs.

*Disclaimer*: Discounts, promotions and coupons are subject to change and some expire without notice. Stramowski Heating Inc. updates offers when we learn about new money saving deals. Sometimes these savings expire or are no longer available without our knowledge or control. If a discount offered is no longer available for any reason, Stramowski Heating Inc. reserves to right to refuse or cancel any posted coupon or offer only before a service agreement is signed. Coupons and deals must be presented to us in advance prior to your service in order to be valid.

Our Current Coupons / Limited Time Promotional Offers

Some offers and promotions cannot be combined, or restrictions may apply. See individual coupon for details.

$200 OFF HVAC Furnace AC Purchase Coupon
$200 Off Furnace AC Coupon

Free HVAC System Estimate
Free HVAC System Estimate Coupon

No Interest No Payment Furnace HVAC Loan Coupon
No Payment / Interest Free Financing Coupon

Free Furnace System Repair Diagnostic Coupon
Free HVAC System Diagnostic Repair Service Coupon