Boilers Heating System - Water / Steam

For Peace of Mind: Invest in Reliable Comfort with a High-Efficiency Boiler

Are you tired of battling the winter chill with an aging or unreliable boiler? Are high energy bills leaving you feeling the chill of letdown? Investing in a modern, high-efficiency boiler can unlock unmatched comfort, lower energy costs, and reliable heating. Boilers are excellent for ductless or older homes. Stramowski Heating and Cooling helps you make informed home heating decisions, understanding the different types of boilers, energy efficiency, and the benefits of having a well maintained system.

Boiler Basics: How Do They Work?

Boilers are heating systems that use hot water or steam to transmit heat, through pipes, into your home via radiators. They run on natural gas, electricity, or oil.

Diagram of a Boiler with Radiator in Home with Hot Water Flow

Boilers can be as energy efficient as, or even more efficient than, standard forced air systems (furnaces). Regular maintenance (tune-ups) is crucial for peak performance and lifespan of your boiler.

Common Questions

  • What are the advantages of boilers?
    • Today's boilers are very efficient. Efficiency is based on how much energy is converted into heat. New boilers have 80% - 98.5% efficiency, depending largely on the model and how well it's maintained.
    • Boilers can save you money in energy costs due to their energy efficiency. See what rebates are available.
    • They often serve as sources of hot water as well as the home heating source.
    • Boilers can be installed in ductless homes, such as older homes.
    • Boilers have a long lifespan, often 35 years.
    • You can create a zone control system throughout your home.

  • Aren’t boilers something used in the past?
  • No. Our building was built in 2007 and uses two high-efficiency boilers to heat the office and warehouse.

  • How do I select the right boiler?
  • Since boiler selection depends on your home’s square footage, layout, wall thickness, insulation, and air flow, it requires a professional to calculate which boiler will work the best for your home.

Picture of a force hot water heating gas boiler

Hot Water Boilers

Hot water boilers use hot water to transmit heat into your home.

Since each system is unique, and each home may have different heating styles, it's always important to call an expert about hot water heating.

Stramowski Heating has been properly piping and installing hot water boiler heating systems for over 40 years.
Picture of a water heating gas crown boiler

Steam Boilers

Steam boilers have become less common, but they still exist and probably will for a long time.

Steam heating is a science and requires skilled steam heating professionals to properly install and service steam boilers.

Stramowski Heating holds several steam heating certifications from distributors in the Milwaukee area, so you can rest assured your system will be installed and serviced properly.

Strange Boiler Behavior? Know When to Call a Pro

Not every home boiler system is exactly the same, but they do have the same parts & components that make them work. We service mostly ever major brand and have access to mostly all available replacement parts. A non-working boiler due to a damaged pipe, expansion tank issue, water leak, bad pump or valve resulting in no heat during the cold can cause huge problems. We know boilers, and we're qualified to help if the need arises.

Inconsistent Heat Levels: Is one room hot and another one cold? From a faulty radiator to failing thermostats, there are many common problems and reasons. Let our boiler service technicians pinpoint the exact problem for boiler repair, in order to restore your heat.

Unusual Noises (Beyond Normal Operation): That banging, whistling, or gurgling sound isn't normal. Such sounds can indicate air in your system, a leak somewhere. Quick identification by a heating and cooling expert saves on costly repairs in the future.

Spike in Energy Bills: Unusually high heating costs have many reasons – inefficient appliances, drafty leaks, or hidden boiler breakdowns. We evaluate your home's entire heating and cooling system, ensuring both your boiler and your house are working efficiently, saving you money on energy.

Maintain Peace of Mind: Don't let home heating or boiler problems disrupt your comfort. Our team provides accurate boiler repair diagnostics, warrantied parts, and solutions for your heating problem.