Zone Heating Systems

Zone Heating & Cooling Systems

Stramowski Heating Inc. installs & repairs Zone Heating and Cooling systems (also known as Multi-Zone systems), which create areas (zones) in your home for personalized temperature control.

Our residential services company is a local trusted Milwaukee service area HVAC professional that's been keeping thousands of homes comfortable for 45+ years.

Setting Up Separate Temperature Zones in Your Home

Would you like a different temperature in the basement than the rest of the house? How about in the living room, or in an unused bedroom? You can have a thermostat in a separate area (zone) of your home to control that zone's temperature to be different from the rest of your home. And save on utility bills by not heating/cooling an area (zone) that doesn't need it!

Why Consider a Zone System?

Do You Have...

  • Hot or cold spots
  • Vents in a room that's rarely used
  • A room with a large window(s), where heat and cold leak out of the window(s)
  • A family member who needs a different temperature in their living space?

Say goodbye to wasted hot or cold air, and set your zones to use only the energy that you need.

Zone Heating System Diagram with 3d Rendered Home

Each zone uses its own temperature controller

What's Involved in a Zone System

Zoning can be installed alongside forced-air or hydronic systems. Your home will have:

  • A thermostat for each zone
  • A zone control panel, which recognizes the temperature, turns off/on the HVAC unit to heat or cool the air, and opens/closes dampers to achieve the desired temperatures
  • Dampers for the ducts leading to each separate zone

An Extra Level of Energy Efficiency & Comfort

What are the benefits of a multi-zone heating & cooling system?

  • Increased Energy Efficiency: Because the system moves hot/cold air only into the necessary zones and out of the unnecessary zones, your energy usage decreases.

  • Utility Cost Savings: The less energy that's wasted, the more money you save heating & cooling your home.

    The U.S. Dept. of Energy estimates that multi-zone HVAC systems can save homeowners up to 30% on a typical heating and cooling bill.

  • Comfort Where & When You Need It: You can have the temperatures you want in the zones you want them in.

Who Will Gain the Most Benefits?

Homeowners with one or more of the following:

  • A multi-story home
  • A basement, finished or unfinished
  • A living space in the attic
  • High ceilings
  • Several large windows
  • A room over your garage
  • A sunroom
  • A large floor plan, especially with one or more wings

An Alternative for Heating & Cooling Zones

Consider Mini-Splits, compact all-in-one HVAC units that have several benefits:

  • Use in a ducted home in single zones with poor or no heat/cold, like attics or additions
  • Use in a ductless home for single zones or the entire home
  • Energy efficient, so may be more environmentally friendly compared to other systems
  • Since it runs only on electricity, it may be a cost-saving option, depending on your local electricity rates
  • There are federal and state offers rebates for energy efficiency upgrades
  • Flexibility in placing the indoor unit on a wall or ceiling
  • Remote controlled climate
  • Space-saving, since no ductwork is required
  • Much quieter than traditional systems
  • Improved air quality for models that offer advanced filtration systems

Thank you for trusting Stramowski Heating and Cooling to be your preferred local HVAC service company for Indoor Air Quality equipment in Southeast Wisconsin.

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What to Expect

  • When the service technician arrives, he will turn off your HVAC system to install or repair the necessary equipment.
  • After the installation / repair, he will set each zone's thermostats and test the temperatures in each zone, to ensure that the system is working properly.

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