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Energy Incentives & Tax Rebates / Credits

Learn about Focus on Energy Wisconsin rebates, the Inflation Reduction Act's energy-efficient tax credits, manufacturer discounts, and Energy Star special money-saving promotions.
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Focus on Energy Wisconsin Rebates & Incentives

High Efficiency Equipment Energy Rebates & Tax Credits

Discover the current incentives offered by Focus on Energy Wisconsin or the federal government through recent legislation or energy upgrade programs.

We try to stay knowledgeable and aware of the best available money-saving offers through the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act. New energy tax credits are being offered for heat pump installations and other high efficiency, high velocity inverter heating and cooling systems. Furnaces and air conditioners that meet new government standards for efficiency are eligible for special tax deductions or credits when installed or upgraded in your home HVAC system.
To learn about the newest rebate offers for Wisconsin homeowners, you can read about them at the Focus on Energy Wisconsin website. For more information regarding cash discounts or tax credits related to federal energy incentives, you can check sources like the Federal Income Tax Credits and Other Incentives for Energy - Energy Star Government Website, or Contact Us for more details.

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Energy Guide High Efficiency Equipment & Savings

Rebates, & Tax Credits - Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling Systems

The Focus on Energy Heating and Cooling Residential Rebate Center is the primary source for learning about the current energy incentives and cash back rebates in Wisconsin. Incentives vary based on equipment and income qualification. The federal government has also partnered up with Energy Star, which offers additional tax credits based on current regulations and legislation.

Focus on Energy Rebates effective January 1, 2024 - Learn More

These rebates are in addition to the incentives offered through Energy Star. Stramowski assists our customers in filing for these rebate checks. Checks are typically received within 10 weeks of a qualifying purchase.

Smart Thermostats - Up to $50

For qualifying Energy Star approved Smart Thermostats. Also save by reducing energy consumption through upgrading controllers and thermostats.

Natural Gas Furnaces - Up to $550

ECM - Electronically Commutated Motors and higher AFUE or multi-stage furnaces with 95%, 96%, or 97%+ or efficiency ratings qualify for rebates.

Natural Gas Boilers - Up to $700

From 90% efficiency to 95%+ AFUE combination or standard boilers, qualify for rebate incentives & even water heater rebates.

Heat Pumps - Up to $1300

From geothermal, to mini-split systems, ducted, dual-fuel, natural gas, electric and other high SEER rating and HSPF rated systems. Based on equipment type.

Multifamily-Only Equipment - Up to $150

Rebates currently offered for Multifamily systems and Natural gas units, 90%+ Thermal Efficiency, 10.0+ EER systems, or packaged terminal heat pumps.

Energy Star Federal Tax Credits & Refunds - Learn More

These tax refunds and energy credits are available through federal programs and tax deductions. These energy-saving incentives are usually offered in addition to the focus on energy incentives. The current tax breaks are subject to legislation changes and new efficiency requirements. Customers will be responsible for filing for these credits with tax returns.

Heat Pumps - Up to $2,000

Qualifying heat pump systems are currently eligible for up to $2,000 or 30% of project costs in Energy Star tax credits. Visit the Energy Star website for qualifying equipment.

Central Air Conditioner Systems - Up to $600

Qualifying residential home air conditioning systems are currently eligible for up to $300 in Energy Star tax credits. Visit the Energy Star website for qualifying system requirements.

Gas, Propane or Oil Hot Water Boiler - Up to $600

Qualifying water boiler systems may qualify for Energy Star rebate incentives of up to $600. Visit the Energy Star website for qualifying boiler system requirements.

Gas, Propane or Oil Furnaces and Fans - Up to $600

Qualifying forced hot air furnaces and home heating systems may qualify for Energy Star rebate incentives of up to $600. Visit the Energy Star website for qualifying boiler system requirements.

Water Heaters (non-solar) - Up to $600

"Certain ENERGY STAR certified gas water heaters meet the requirements for this tax credit. Water heaters account for 12% of the energy consumed in your home." (Energy Star Website) Visit for qualifying water heaters.


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