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Air Duct Services - Adding, Repairing, Replacing Ducts & Return Vents

Stramowski Heating Inc. provides air duct services when remodeling / renovating or when you need repair or replacement of your existing ductwork.

Our residential services company is a local trusted Milwaukee service area HVAC professional for the thousands of homes we've served. We diagnose, repair, and install / replace ductwork and other heating & cooling components. We also clean air ducts for improved air quality.


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Should I Have My Ducts Cleaned, Too?

A few reasons why:

  • Presence and Buildup of Visible Contaminants: Such as dust, mold, or other debris in your vents or air registers. Cleaning your ducts can reduce potential health risks like allergies or asthma.
  • Pest or Rodent Infestation: If you think spiders, bugs, or rodents have lived in your ductwork, cleaning removes fecal droppings, dead mice and debris, and prevent further infestations.
  • Renovations or Construction: If you've had renovations or construction work in your house, dust and debris may have entered your ducts and needs to be removed.
  • Frequent Respiratory Problems: If you experience allergies, asthma attacks, or respiratory issues, especially during allergy seasons, duct cleaning might help if other potential allergens have been ruled out. We also have other indoor air quality products.

When Do I Need Duct Work?

Good ducts ensure proper ventilation and efficient performance of your HVAC equipment. Here are the primary reasons for having duct work performed:

Adding / Moving Ducts

    • New Additions or Renovations:
      • If you've added a room or made renovations since the last HVAC system installation, your existing ductwork may need adjustments. (Even a minor change like moving your stove's hood requires duct work.)
      • Properly sized and installed ducts ensure consistent temperatures throughout your home.
    • HVAC System Upgrades:
      • When upgrading your HVAC system (such as replacing an old furnace or AC), consider evaluating and modifying ductwork.
      • New equipment may require different duct sizes or configurations.
    • Inadequate Airflow:
      • If certain rooms feel too hot or too cold, it could be due to poorly designed or undersized ducts.
      • Adjusting existing ducts or adding new ducts (such as air returns) can improve airflow and comfort.

Repairing / Replacing Ducts

    • Duct Damage or Leaks:
      • Visible damage, such as holes or disconnected sections, warrants duct repair or replacement.
      • Leaky ducts lead to energy loss and uneven temperatures.
      • If certain rooms feel too hot or too cold, the inadequate airflow could be due to damaged ducts.

Zone Heating & Cooling

    • Each separate heating and cooling zone in your home has its own thermostat.
    • Dampers are installed in your ductwork to control the airflow to each zone.

Looking to clean your ducts? Click here to learn more.




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Do You Have a DUCTLESS Home?

If your home is without ducts AND you need heating and/or cooling, consider the energy-efficient solution: Mini-Splits. These combination heating & cooling units have several benefits:

  • Can use in a ductless home for the whole home or just one zone (one or more rooms)
  • Space-saving, since no bulky ductwork is required
  • Flexibility in placing the indoor unit on a wall or ceiling
  • Much quieter than traditional systems
  • Energy efficient, so may be more environmentally friendly compared to other climate systems
  • Remote controlled climate
  • Since it runs on electricity only, it may be a cost-friendly option, depending on your local electricity costs
  • There are federal and state offers rebates for energy efficiency upgrades
  • Improved air quality for some models that offer advanced filtration systems
  • Can also use in a ducted home in a zone with poor or no cooling / heating -- perfect for an addition or attic