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Stramowski Heating Inc. has been providing home cooling services, repairs, installations, and equipment solutions since 1977. We started in Milwaukee as a Bryant Heating furnace service company, and have since serviced Lennox, Carrier, Concord, Goodman, Rheem, Amana, and most other brands.
Our residential heating & cooling service company is near you in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin service area.

We fix, diagnose, repair, tune up / maintain / service, and install air conditioners, ductless mini-splits, air handlers, condensers, and coils. From duct-free cooling systems to whole-home forced air cooling, we can help you stay cool.

Heat Pump Inverter Cooling Condenser


Heat Pumps are energy efficient, can run exclusively on electricity without using natural gas, and are used for both cooling & heating. Learn more.

ductless mini split heating cooling systems


Combination AC & heating for homes with no ducts or air vents. We service, repair, and install mini-split systems.

High Velocity Magic Pak or Specialty Cooling Systems


Specialty cooling systems such as the Space Pak, Magic Pak or Unico cooling system. For attics or smaller spaces with special ventilation needs.

Air Conditioner Outdoor Cooling Condenser


Outdoor condensers for forced air cooling systems that use refrigerant and often a furnace blower to distribute cold air.

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Understanding your Air Conditioner, Ductless Mini-Split or Home Cooling System

 The typical home central air cooling system consists of an outdoor condenser unit with compressor-pressurized refrigerant lines that run into the building's furnace. On top of the furnace is an A coil or evaporator coil that the freon coolant runs into. The blower on the furnace uses the air ducts to distribute air over the chilled coil to distribute the air through the building. The refrigerant is then pumped back outside into the condensers, where an attached fan blows out the heated lines. This process can use valves and pumps, so it should be properly calibrated to ensure efficient operation.

Other systems have a similar process using refrigerant lines, but have vents or pipes, and alternate means (other than the furnace blower) for distributing the cold air throughout the building.

Home Cooling Tips & Helpful Ideas

  • Proper maintenance and regularly scheduled tune-ups of your air conditioning system can prolong the lifespan of your equipment. We keep long term records of all Stramowski performed services, including repairs, tune-ups, and system installations for our customers.

  • High efficiency heat pumps, air handlers, and high velocity air cooling systems are a great way to save on energy consumption costs. We service most brands of cooling systems.

  • Visit our Expert Tips / HVAC blog for many great articles that share ideas on how to reduce energy usage and save money, which thermostat is the best for your system, explanations of zone cooling systems and controllers, and when to replace your air conditioner vs paying for repairs.

  • We always offer free estimates for new equipment. Our expert consultants will take the time to understand your home heating needs and personal preferences, and give you an accurate & honest assessment to determine how we can help.

  • Have you noticed that it seems to be warmer when the humidity is higher? Removing moisture from the air with a whole home dehumidifier can increase comfort when the air is too humid.

  • Cold air drops, and hot air rises, right? Modifying your air return vents in the summer can be a useful trick for homes with the proper ventilation systems. Opening the supply vents on the higher levels during the warmer summer months is also a good idea so that the air conditioner is cooling the warmer air instead of the cooler air. Ensuring your home has proper insulation in the basement and attic also helps reduce energy loss.

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