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The Stramowski Heating Inc. Values & Corporate Mission

We asked a local marketing research company to conduct an objective analysis to discover what makes Stramowski Heating stand out above other 65+ HVAC heating and cooling companies in the southeast Wisconsin / Milwaukee market. This required us to take an honest look into our faults, failures, and some of our recent mistakes. We were also able to see reoccurring patterns and responses in how we learned, changed, and overcame challenging issues. We're thankful for your honest feedback and glad that we could all see / agree on the final assessment given to us. The most valuable thing we learned from this analysis is that the responses given were consistent from both our employees and customers.

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This information was compiled from years of customer feedback and asked of all of our employees to determine what was true. We're not just another local Wisconsin HVAC company or independent contractor working from a home garage.

We Strive for Quality Workmanship
All of our service, repair, customer service, and installation technicians agreed on this result. It seems like above all else, we care about the quality of our equipment and service. The amount of detail and time given to finding and correcting other companies' mistakes on improperly installed furnaces, boilers, or air conditioners has allowed us to become a market leader. The Stramowski tech team also all mentioned the end results and high standards expected to be displayed at each job.
We Cherish Family Values
Everybody could agree that Stramowski Heating and Cooling cared greatly about families. This was not simply limited to the customer service team or company technicians. We definitely care about them and are glad that they are a part of the Stramowski family. This also includes the customers that we serve. Your family is important to us, too! That's why we try to treat each home we enter as we would our own.
We Care About Our Employees
There is a reason why so many of the team loves working for Stramowski Heating and Cooling. It's because we care about them and each other. Many of our people have been here for a decade or more. When unexpected problems arise, we step up to assist our customers and each other.
We Appreciate Our Customers
Without you as a customer, our small, family-owned business would not exist. Since 1977, the people of southeast Wisconsin have been trusting Stramowski Heating and Cooling to tune up, maintain, install, and replace their homes' furnaces, boilers, and air conditioners. We THANK YOU and truly appreciate you for selecting us to be there for you when you need us.
We Value Your Satisfaction
We've learned that in the past we've made mistakes and didn't get things right the first time. Sometimes troubleshooting difficult problems doesn't work. This assessment has caused us to realize, however, that we do in fact learn from our errors and try not to make them again. Your satisfaction is important to us. If there is something that you're not completely satisfied with or if we did not meet a need or expectation, Let Us Know.

*Note*: This information was collected and translated by an independent marketing firm using direct feedback from Stramowski Heating Inc. employees, and previous Stramowski clients / affiliates. Stramowski Heating and Cooling thanks you for allowing them to be your trusted local southeast Wisconsin area HVAC company. Feel free to submit your direct feedback, testimonials and reviews through the Contact Us Page