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Are you tired of shivering through the winter months or have inconsistent temperatures due to an outdated furnace? Are sky-high energy bills leaving you feeling the chill of disappointment? Investing in a modern, high-efficiency furnace can unlock unmatched comfort, lower energy costs, and reliable heating even during the coldest spells. Stramowski Heating and Cooling helps you make informed home heating decisions by understanding the different types of furnaces, energy efficiency, and the benefits of having a well maintained system.

Furnace Basics: Understanding Home Heating Systems

Furnace Basics Understanding System

Forced Air 101: Most homes rely on forced-air heating. In simple terms, a furnace generates heat, and a powerful blower fan distributes that heated air through a network of ducts, delivering warmth to each room. Think of it like your home's lungs: the furnace breathes in cool air, warms it up, and then sends it circulating!

AFUE Explained: This stands for "Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency," and it's a key measure of furnace performance. Base model furnaces offer around 80% AFUE, while highly efficient options reach up to 97%! What does this mean for you? Higher AFUE percentages translate into lower heating bills. Older furnaces often operate under 60% efficiency, meaning 40 cents of your energy dollar could be lost!

Benefits of Modern Furnaces Heat Systems

The Benefits of Upgrading to a Modern Furnace

  • Improved Comfort: No more uneven heating or drafty rooms! New furnaces deliver consistent warmth throughout your entire home, ensuring every space is cozy and inviting.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Say farewell to outdated, energy-wasting furnace technology. Today's furnaces boast significantly higher efficiency ratings (AFUE), translating directly into lower energy bills and a reduced environmental footprint.

Want to learn more about how a new furnace can enhance your home? Get information about new furnaces or request a free equipment estimate.

Simple Solution, Budget-Friendly

These basic furnaces turn on at full power or remain off. While less efficient than newer models, their value lies in cost-effectiveness for smaller spaces or when upfront price limits upgrade options. The blowers have only one speed, which is why they are called single stage.

95% Single-Stage Downflow Constant Torque Furnace

Balancing Efficiency and Comfort

Two-stage furnaces offer high and low blower output levels. This feature saves energy costs by utilizing the faster speed only when maximum heating is needed. This feature adds improved comfort without the constant on/off cycles of single-stage units, allowing for consistent temperatures.

Image of a Variable Speed Two-Stage Furnace

Maximum Control, Efficiency & Comfort

Modulating furnaces adjust blower heat output in tiny increments, delivering the exact warmth needed. This means superior comfort and significantly higher efficiency savings! Combine this with the latest smart thermostats or a heat pump for the ultimate energy efficient home.

Modulating Furnace Variable Speed

An Electric Furnace Alternative

While less common in many regions, electric heat furnaces offer heat without fossil fuel combustion. Some homes are solar or have poor ventilation, making these an option to consider. Heat Pumps are the best alternative to natural gas; they use only electricity, for the most energy efficient heating and cooling.

Image of an Electric Downflow Furnace

Is Your Furnace Not Working or Acting Strangely? Know When to Call a Pro

Not every furnace is exactly the same, but they do have the same parts and components that make them work. No heat or a house getting cold can be caused by a blower fan issue, broken circuit board, draft inducer motor, flame sensor, or even damaged heat exchanger. Having a non-working furnace due to a damaged part causing no heat in the cold of winter can be dangerous. We know, we care, and we're here to help.

Odd Noises (Beyond Normal Operation): That grinding, banging, or screeching sound isn't normal. These loud sounds can indicate worn parts, loose components, or more serious malfunctions. Quick identification by a heating and cooling expert saves on costly repairs down the line.

Inconsistent Heat Levels: One room feels like a sauna, another like an icebox? From faulty ductwork to failing thermostats, there are many common problems and reasons. Let our furnace service technicians pinpoint the exact issue for furnace repairs, restoring reliable heating comfort.

Spike in Energy Bills: Higher-than-usual heating costs have many reasons – inefficient appliances, drafty leaks, or hidden furnace breakdowns. We evaluate your houses entire heating and cooling system, ensuring both your system and home are working efficiently which can save you money.

Peace of Mind Assured: Don't let home heating or furnace problems disrupt your comfort. Our team provides accurate furnace repair diagnostics alongside warrantied parts & solutions for no heat.

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Expert Furnace Repair

Strange noises? Blowing cold air? Don't endure a malfunctioning furnace. We provide fast, reliable furnace repair, restoring warmth and saving you money on costly breakdowns.

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Furnace Install / Replace

Maximize efficiency, lower energy bills, and stay reliably warm for years to come. Our furnace installation experts help you find the perfect system for your home and budget.

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Furnace Tune-Ups

Avoid unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Our comprehensive furnace tune-ups keep your system running efficiently, lowering energy costs and ensuring safety.

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