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Are sweltering temperatures and sticky humidity disrupting your home's comfort? Discover the difference a modern Stramowski AC system makes! Upgrade to the ideal comfort, peace of mind with reliable performance, and lasting value thanks to energy efficiency and top-quality warranties. From whisper-quiet operation to customized solutions tailored to your unique space, experience the many reasons homeowners love having the perfect air conditioning. Explore our range of options and services to find the ideal fit for your needs and budget.

Air Conditioning Basics: Understanding Home AC Systems

Air Conditioner Basics Understanding How AC System

While AC offers refreshing relief on hot days, the process might seem mysterious. It's all about moving heat! Your A/C system uses a special fluid called refrigerant (also called freon or coolant) to remove heat from inside your home and expel it outdoors. There are several refrigerants, such as R-22 or R410a, that remove or add heat. Your system is charged to perfection and should not leak.

Key Components & Their Roles

  • Indoor Unit (The Evaporator Coil): This is where the refrigerant absorbs heat through controlled pressure changes from your indoor unit. Then the heat is transferred to the outdoor AC condenser.
  • Outdoor Unit (AC Condenser):The outdoor fan blows over the refrigerant lines and, using its compressor, changes the refrigerant pressure so the cycle can repeat itself again. The coolant then returns to the indoor unit, where your blower can turn warm air into cooler air by blowing over the coil.

Beyond Cooling: Many modern AC systems also dehumidify as they run, enhancing comfort on those hot and sticky days. A great way to make the room feel cooler is by adding a Stramowski whole home dehumidifier to your existing system. Note: It's important that your entire heating and cooling system is sized properly using variable calculations. An incorrectly sized system will fail prematurely and can cause damage to your home. Most other HVAC contractors get this wrong.

Alternative Cooling Air Conditioner Options

Looking for targeted room cooling or want additional heating capabilities? Explore these alternatives:

  • Ductless Mini-Splits: Flexible room-by-room solutions for homes without duct work. Since they are low profile, they're great for supplemental heating and cooling.
  • Heat Pumps: The quietest and most energy saving systems available, they provide both efficient heating and cooling.
  • Magic Pak Systems: Combination furnace and air conditioner systems commonly used in condos and town houses.
  • Attic Air Handlers & High Velocity: We replace many of these specialty air cooling systems, which are often located in the ceiling crawl spaces of homes without basements.

ductless mini split heating cooling systems


Combination AC & heating for homes with no ducts or air vents. We service, repair, and install mini-split systems.

Heat Pump Inverter Cooling Condenser


Heat Pumps are energy efficient, can run exclusively on electricity without using natural gas, and are used for both cooling & heating. Learn more.

Benefits of Modern AC Cooling Systems

Ready for a Cool Change? Upgrade Your AC for Comfort & Savings

Is your aging air conditioner struggling to keep up? Frequent breakdowns, leaking refrigerant again, inconsistent cooling, and rising energy bills are often signs that your system is near the end of its lifespan. Upgrading to a modern, high-efficiency AC delivers superior comfort, lower costs, and peace of mind – and thanks to current rebates and incentives, the timing has never been better.

Should I Repair or Replace my AC?

  • Enhanced Comfort: Modern AC units distribute cool air more evenly, manage humidity for less stickiness, and often operate much quieter than older systems. Consider it if your AC is over 15 years old.
  • Energy Efficiency = Savings: New AC's can significantly slash your cooling bills due to higher efficiency standards. Combining these long-term savings with potential rebates maximizes your investment for years to come. Recharging expensive refrigerants due to reoccurring leaks can be a sign it's almost time.
  • Reliability & Peace of Mind: Avoid unexpected breakdowns mid-heatwave! If your system is making loud noises, the cost to repair vs. upgrading could be more expensive.
  • Environmental Impact: Due to EPA and newer government standards, older refrigerants (such as R-22) are being phased out and increasing in price as availability decreases. Recharging your leaking freon is often not economical or ethical, and it could leak again.

Is Now the Right Time to Upgrade? If you're noticing higher energy bills, strange noises, weak airflow, or refrigerant leaks, your old system may be on its last legs. Don't wait for a complete failure! Upgrading proactively unlocks those rebates and puts you in control of the process.

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Is Your AC blowing warm air or not getting cold? Know When to Call a Pro

There are several common issues that cause an air conditioner to not cool your home, leak water, or ice up or have poor air flow. Some of the most preventable problems are solved simply by replacing your system air filter when it is clogged or dirty. Other problems are caused when your condensation drain line is clogged or obstructed. Additionally, an air conditioning system will frost up when it is low on refrigerant. Reach out to us for repair services if you're experiencing issues and need trustworthy repair services near Milwaukee.