Why The Best Milwaukee Area HVAC Company

Looking for the best Milwaukee area HVAC company?

Not all local heating & cooling service technicians are able to get the job done right like us.
We treat our customers with respect by offering excellent service at fair prices and standing behind our service.
Below is a list of things we've learned over our 45+ years that set us apart from others.

Great Products, Better Service, Best Performance

Be confident that you'll get the best value by choosing Stramowski Heating

Reputation Established & Earned
Since 1977, we've been working hard to earn your trust by providing the same level of service we would for our family or friends.
Honest Reliable Quotes
We refuse to cut corners, offer unnecessary solutions, or neglect important customer needs just to close a "sale." We are competitive, honest, and do not skip important details just to offer the "lowest" price quote.
Your Needs Come First
We work with our customers to help guide them into the right service repair, new installation, or equipment replacement decisions.
Trustworthy Reliable Equipment
We install factory-warrantied parts, furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, and other equipment. Your purchase is backed by our market-leading warranties.
Superior Workmanship Quality Guarantee
Once a job is done, you shouldn't have to worry about it failing again right away. Our repairs / system installs come with confidence that you won't be charged for the same issue.
Fast High Priority Response Time
Our service and customer support teams are always on stand-by, waiting to quickly respond to urgent customer needs. You will always receive a prompt response.
Professional Code of Conduct
Our people abide by a strictly professional code of conduct. You don't have to worry about unwelcoming behaviors of strangers / hired technicians invited into your home. Corporate integrity and community reputation are important to us.
First Class Customer Service
We empathize with the difficulties and struggles associated with servicing / replacing faulty heating or cooling equipment. Our people are kind, genuine, and strive to be there for you when you need us most.
Qualified Service Technicians
Our service and installation technicians are highly trained professionals who know what they're talking about. Our experience allows us to offer you the solutions and information you need for your decisions.
Happy Team Members
Our people really enjoy working together, with us and for you. So many of our team members stay with us long-term and build their careers by becoming a part of our family.
Affordable Financing Options
We understand that a new furnace, boiler or air conditioner can be a costly, untimely, and big investment. We're here to help you find and make financing decisions if needed.
We Do Things Differently
It's no joke how often we run into poor workmanship, skipped steps, or improperly installed equipment. This causes premature system failures and unnecessary costly repairs.

*Note*: This information was collected and translated by an independent marketing firm using direct feedback from Stramowski Heating Inc. employees, and previous Stramowski clients / affiliates. If your experience with Stramowski Heating Inc. does not meet these descriptions or exceed your expectations, please use the Contact Form and your request will be independently reviewed and brought to the proper channels for action.

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