Expecting The Best HVAC Service

What you can Expect from Stramowski Heating and Cooling

Our goal is to always meet and usually exceed your expectations of a local Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning service company. Our technicians are frequently complimented for their accuracy and the quality of their work. We strive to be the trusted source for all of your residential home / small business furnace, air conditioner (AC), boiler, mini-split, and other heating & cooling equipment needs, as well as indoor air quality needs.

Communication is important to us, and so are your unique concerns and needs. This is why we make sure to take the time to accurately and adequately understand your system, personal requests, and everything associated with your home's or business's comfort preferences. One solution does not always meet every circumstance. Tell us how we can serve you, and we will be there when it matters the most!

What We Do - How We Do It

Our services are performed by the books and with high standards every time. Our techs use advanced diagnostic equipment to get the best information and accurate results. We do not skip steps or important details, and we treat each job that we earn with care. Let us know how we can meet your specific needs.

Furnace Tune-up
Multi-point system diagnostic including: component cleaning, testing, adjusting, connection, system performance analysis, electrical, voltage, amperage, pipe, drain, blower, gas, flame, wire, burner, sensors, igniter, pilot, readings, air, pressure, terminal and line inspections.

Repair Services , Problem Troubleshooting & Diagnosis
We use system specifications' optimal performance recommendations to accurately fix, repair, and correct issues with non-working or malfunctioning furnaces, air conditioners, boilers, and other advanced heating / cooling systems.

Furnace, Boiler, AC System Installation
Practice definitely makes perfect. Our systems and workmanship are designed to last. When we install your new furnace, heat pump, inverter, boiler, air conditioner, air handler, or duct work... we do it the right way, unlike many others. Our equipment installations include industry leading warranties.

Fast & Timely Response
When the need arises, we understand that you need someone to be there for you. Our commitment to our customers is that we will always do our best to answer or respond to your request as quickly as we can. When experiencing an emergency furnace, boiler, or no heat outage, we know that a fast response makes a difference. In the heat of the summer, having your air conditioner go out or stop getting cold can be important to fix. Our dedicated on-call customer service & technician team goes above and beyond to meet your sometimes-urgent request.

Air Conditioner Tune-ups
Multi-point system inspection to increase longevity / lifespan, optimal cooling performance, and improve energy consumption. From checking and cleaning the coil, drain pans, hoses, compressor, capacitors, condensers, refrigerant, electrical voltage & amperage, readings / components and more...

Honest Upfront Pricing
We're here to offer you only the equipment or service that you actually want or need. All costs associated with repair, service, tune-ups, maintenance, or new equipment installation are fully disclosed and agreed upon prior to the start of any service we perform. Our goal when troubleshooting problems with your furnace, air-conditioner, boiler, or other heating / cooling system is to accurately assess the problem / need and to provide you with the information we discover. The repair costs, parts needed, or equipment recommendations and pricing are given to help you make an informed decision on which solution is best for your custom needs.

*Note*: Stramowski Heating and Cooling thanks you for selecting them to be your trusted Southeast Wisconsin and Milwaukee area HVAC service company. Feel free to share your feedback, testimonials and reviews through the Contact Us Page

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