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3 Tips for Keeping the Air in your Home Clean

Nov 3, 2023
by Stramowski Heating and Cooling - Milwaukee Area HVAC

Clean air in your home is something that everyone appreciates. Odors, dust, and allergens can be difficult to live with. Here are some tips and options to help keep the air in your home clean......

1) Checking / Changing your air filter regularly.

1″ air filters should be checked once a month and changed at a minimum every 3 months. 4″ air filters should be checked 4 times a year, checking every season makes it an easy reminder. Replacing these filters as necessary, most filters will last 6-12 months but sometimes require to be changed sooner.

2) Running your FAN option on your thermostat to the ON position vs AUTO.

AUTO FAN means that your blower motor will start AUTOmatically when required by your unit. Fan ON means that your blower motor will run all the time. This circulates the air in your home, constantly filtering it at a greater rate. *Checking/ changing your air filter may be required more frequently when using this option. 

A common question asked is “doesn’t this put more stress on my motor shorting the life and/or using more energy”. Running your blower motor constantly is easier on it. Reducing the frequent starting and stopping is the hardest on the motor. Most newer equipment uses advanced technology that uses reduced energy consumption also; no more energy than running a ceiling fan in your home, but this circulates throughout your whole home. 

If the “cool” air coming from your vents when the furnace isn’t heating makes you feel uncomfortable it is as easy as turning your thermostat options back to AUTO. 

*Make sure that everyone in your home is aware you are using this option. We do occasionally get some people who think they are experiencing an issue when they feel “cool” air coming from their vents.

3) Adding a UV Purifier to your equipment.

UV lights are used to sterilize in many applications. This same technology can be used to sterilize the air in your home. Adding a UV light helps reduce bacteria, mold, mildew, and other contaminants that cause poor indoor air quality (IAQ). There are also UV systems available that add carbon cores that assist in removing odors in addition to sterilizing. These equipment options can be researched online or discussed with your HVAC technician for more details and benefits 


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