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Finding the Best Service Technicians

Aug 26, 2022
by Stramowski Heating and Cooling - Milwaukee Area HVAC

Best HVAC Service TechnicansSkilled HVAC Company Techs?

It seems like every year, the automobile industry introduces a new series of cars and trucks that is more technologically advanced. These improvements bring challenges for the backyard mechanic who wants to work on their car in their own garage. The complexity of new cars requires a highly trained mechanic to fix them......

Technology has impacted other industries as well including the HVAC business, i.e. your home’s heating and cooling systems. In order to achieve the fuel burning efficiency demanded by the marketplace as well as to lower costs, complex technology is used inside your furnace... but how does this impact the homeowner?

Homeowners now need to make certain, more than ever before, that highly skilled technicians install and repair their heating and cooling systems.

When it comes to hiring an HVAC service, make sure the company is investing in its technicians.

  • How often do technicians receive additional training on the complex machines they are now maintaining?
  • Does your HVAC company stay up-to-date with the software that some devices run on?
  • Does your HVAC have the right electronic equipment to evaluate and repair your furnace should it have problems?

HVAC services who work out of the trunk of their car may not be established enough to provide the complex solutions new machinery requires.

Heating and cooling systems used to be a lot simpler, but today they are sophisticated climate control devices. When selecting an HVAC company to work with, choose the one that has the smartest and best trained people- your furnace will depend on them.

Stramowski Heating and Cooling’s technicians have a minimum of 5 years of training. Interns are required to have a diploma or degree and shadow a senior technician for 1 year before they are allowed to go solo working on a furnace or AC unit.

Stramowski also invests in all the latest equipment so they can quickly service and repair problems you may be having with your furnace or AC unit.


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